Ontology Language

  1. OWL-DL:
    That fit the description logic approach. It's relevant (like RDF) for ontology to be used fro 10 years. Notes can be added (like RDF). This language is designed for annotating resources that are stored elsewhere.
    The purpose of our anatomical project focuses on data representation, logic and reasoning so the sophisticated features of OWL are needed.
    Il the ontology langae used is OWL (or RDF) the ontology will take advantage of futur Semantic Web tools as they become available.
    OWL on wikipedia
    The starting documentation about OWL: here from W3.org (the pdf is attached below).
  1. Ontology development toos:
    The best known is Protègè. (Artilce de Noy and McGuinness 2001, link, pdf attached see below).