Hand's model

Unit General anatomy, morphogenesis and visceral : "A formal description of the hand and 3D animated representation"

Editors : L. Rogalev and B. Farny (Students in medecine)
Supervisor : Dr. O. Palombi

The purpose of this unit is to do a formal description of the anatomy of the hand. MyCF links the theorical anatomy with 3D model of specific patient. Whole will be animated by a chirurgical simulation software named SOFA (http://www.sofa-framework.org).

Since november 09 to now : Description of the hand (bones, ligaments, layers, tissues...) in MyCF through the relation "is a" with the website FMA - Foundational Model of Anatomy (http://bioportal.bioontology.org)

In november and december, we made the squelettal description.

Since january, we worked on joints, articular cartilages and now  we realise description of ligaments of hand and wrist.